Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe -Hot Chocolate

This hot chocolate mix is made with very simple ingredients and in very less time. This super delicious recipe is very easy. preparation Time: 1/2 Hour     cooking Time: 3-4 minutServings: 2 Cups Ingredients: Cocoa Powder -4 Tablespoon Sugar – 4 Tablespoon Milk Powder –  1/2 Cup Cornflour – 1/4 Cup Method: In a bowl, take […]

Chocolate syrup recipe-Homemade chocolate syrup

Today’s recipe is chocolate syrup. we use chocolate syrup for desserts like a cupcake, cold coffee, cake and ice cream. it gives a nice flavor to any sweet dish. it’s very easy to make at home with simple ingredients. Preparation Time: 1 Hour    Cooking Time: 10-12 minute       Serves: 7 Servings Ingredients: Cocoa […]